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Telling a story with an image is a great way to show off the world what you are capable of and what your business is all about. Absolut Nine crafts carefully from Key Visual to the final product that can elevate your brand.

Video Commercial

Video is a great way to communicate with an audience in a broadway until today. By marrying audio and visual it creates outstanding emotion for the viewer.

Digital & Social Media

Brands need to adapt to the fast-moving digital era by being relevant. Absolut Nine can help you to win people's attention because we pay attention to detail and content with the new trends.

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At the Absolut Nine our people create audio-visual content in our Jakarta facilities. We provide an open and collaborative environment to inspire the permanent exchange of knowledge and constant improvement of quality, both within the process and in the end result.



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Quality is our beauty.

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RS Siloam Mampang

Food Photography Photography Product Photography

Kirin Photoshoot

Digital Campaign Digital Imaging Food Photography Graphic Design Photography Social Media

Goyang Lidah

Digital Campaign Digital Imaging Graphic Design Photography Product Photography Social Media

ARISA Home Appliance

Animation Video Ads Videography

Turn Opportunity into growth

TV Commercial Videography

Mist Fan ARISA

Food Photography Photography

Krispy Kreme

Fashion Video Videography

Underwater Fashion

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Joni Driver

Food Photography Photography

Mini Burger

Absolut Nine deliver high level quality production and meets the clients target. Highly recommend.

Fadhli - Project Manager, GetCraft


We believe working together with clients is the best way
to achieve greater impact to our work.